Blackout Basketball Training
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Private Training


Private One-on-One Training Sessions
$40/Session (1 Hour)

Group Training

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Small Group Training (2-4 Players)
$20/Session Per Trainee (1 Hour)

Small group training is a great way to improve your game with other players in your same skill level. Having 2-4 players provides you with more competitive drills, while training against these other players.

Large Group Training (4-10 Players)
$18/Session Per Trainee (1 Hour)

Large group training is highly recommended, especially for younger groups of players. Players will complete high-energy fast paced drills with players their age, designed to drastically improve players skills. 

Group Machine Shooting Training (4-7 Players)
$20/Session Per Trainee (1 Hour)

Players will learn correct shooting mechanics while getting up game shots. Players will become more proficient shooters, while also becoming more consistent, improve their range, and eliminate right left misses. 

Team Training (8-12 Players)
$20/Session Per Trainee (1.5 Hours)

For team training, Blackout Basketball Training will travel to your home gym weekly to go through the session with your team. BBT will travel up to 90 Miles for team training. 

If you have questions, or would like to sign up for training, just shoot us an email!